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Agent 110

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Scott Miller


Agent 110 is Allen Dulles, a newly minted spy from an eminent family.  He later became the head of the CIA and worked with his brother Foster, when Secretary of State, to influence world politics. Closer on the ground than the Washington based military politicos he saw the wrong Germans  rounded up and marginalised who could do much good in helping the country back on its feet. The Morghenthau plan based on revenge and retribution was a disaster.  From his townhouse in Bern during the war, Dulles met with and facilitated the plots of Germans trying to destroy the country's Nazi leadership.  The german people were dying of starvation in the year after the war(more than 50% of babies born in Berlin in the summer of 1945 died from malnutrition). Initially the Allies did little about it. Dulles realised if the US did not do something Germany would very quickly become ripe for a Communist takeover  The Russian were working to take over all of Germany, and with this a distinct possibility, the Marshall Plan start to take shape.

368 pages, 156 x 235mm, hardcover, Simon & Schuster, 2017

Product Code: 9781451693386


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