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Dead Doubles:The Extraordinary Worldwide Hunt for One of the Cold War's Most Notorious Spy Rings h

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Trevor Barnes

The astonishing but true story of one of the most notorious spy cases from the Cold War--and the international manhunt that seized global attention as it revealed the shadowy world of deep cover KGB operatives.

The dramatic arrest in London on January 7, 1961 of five Soviet spies made headlines worldwide and had repercussions around the globe. Alerted by the CIA, Britain's security service, MI5, had discovered two British spies stealing invaluable secrets from the highly sensitive submarine research center at Portland, UK. Their controller, Gordon Lonsdale, was a Canadian who frequently visited a middle-aged couple, the Krogers, in their sleepy London suburb. But the seemingly unassuming Krogers were revealed to be deep cover American KGB spies--infamous undercover agents the FBI had been hunting for years--and they were just one part of an extensive network of Soviet operatives in the UK.


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